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To add a measurement sensor click +++ and in the pop-up menu select “analog input”

8.11 Measurement Sensor image 1

Specify the necessary parameters of the sensor:

8.11 Measurement Sensor image 2

  • Sensor label – specify the name of the sensor in the system. You can choose any name you want
  • Input – choose the input to which the sensor is connected (number and types of inputs available depending on the model of GPS/GLONASS equipment)
  • Sensor type – choose the type of the sensor
  • Units – this action is used for axis and reports

Adding calibration data
After all parameters are set, it is necessary to put calibration data to the table:

8.11 Measurement Sensor image 3
To add rows to a table, click +++. In created row in the “Sensor value” field write sensor values (eg Volt), in the “Quantity” column enter the result corresponding to the specified indication (eg litres).

If you have to delete a row click 8.11 Measurement Sensor image 6.

When entering data into the table creation of the graph will be carried out. When calibration table is filled correctly, the graph will increase monotonically:

8.11 Measurement Sensor image 7

If the graph does not increase monotonically (ie, at first increases and then decreases), it is likely that a calibration table is filled incorrectly :

8.11 Measurement Sensor image 8

To confirm your changes, click Save.