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In the Rules app the user can set up conditions according to which the system logs the events and sends notifications to user.

When our server receives a new portion of data from a device, it checks whether the conditions set by customer are true or false for this data. If they are true, the server generates an event, logs it and immediately sends SMS or Email  notifications, as specified by user.

Two types of events

Events can be registered in two ways:

  • Events generated by the device. These events are triggered due to some physical events registered by the device sensors or inputs. Examples: emergency button, AVL input change, car crash, harsh driving, etc. The list of such events varies and depends on the device model.
  • Events detected by server logic. Events of this type has no relation to the device model and can apply to any device. Examples: geofence enter, speed limit exceeding, GSM connection lost, long idle, route deviation, sensor value range exceeding, etc.

Autocreated rules

Most used rules will be created automatically when user activates a new device. For example, if a personal GPS tracker has emergency button, a new rule “SOS button pressed” will be created automatically. A user can edit this rule, e.g. add SMS / Email notifications, or suspend the rule if it is not required.