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You can retrieve the vehicle track list and view those tracks on the map – for any date range under the limitation according to your tariff plan.

  1. Select the required vehicles from the objects list. You can select just one or select multiple vehicles. Now click on the ‘Tracks’ button below the object panel.


3.3 View Tracks image 1

Select the date/time range. You can also set other various parameters which influence the result and its viewing options:

3.3 View Tracks image 2

  • Split with parkings – The whole track (i.e. the track of the day) can be split in to trips for a better view. The parking state is defined with Stay maximum speed and Stay minimum duration parameters, as configured in Devices app.
  • Show events – Enable showing related events which have been logged. The rules for events can be configured in the Rules app.
  •  Show LBS – Select whether you want locations defined by GSM and WiFi signals (less precise than satellite navigation) to be shown.
  • Clustered – If this box is checked, the Interval and LBS locations with the same coordinates and accuracy will be sticked together and shown as one clustered landmark.
  • Smart filter – It filters out the most common inaccuracies caused by weak GPS signals, errors in LBS locations and others. The track looks better and more understandable to the user. Normally it is recommended this checkbox to be enabled, but for tests and debugging you can disable it.
  • Color scheme – Chose how you want your result to be colored: with only one colour, one color per asset or one color per track. This option allows you to draw multiple tracks and compare them without getting confused.


Click Show tracks button. You will see the tracks list with brief details. By clicking on the View icon you can draw any selected track(s), change its colour, etc. Each result is shown in a separate tab, so you can view tracks for different assets and dates at once.
3.3 View Tracks image 3


Detailed track information will be shown at the bottom of the screen under “i” icon. If you selected multiple tracks, they will all be displayed in the summary information.
3.3 View Tracks image 4